About Me

March 28, 2008 is the birthday of my big passion – beadwork. Before that I was totally addicted of knitting and crochet, especially crochet.

Crocheted bead ropes are the first beading projects I’ve made. They were a kind of bridge between crochet and beading.

Later I’ve learned to make beaded jewelries in many others techniques. But I still enjoy making bead crochet and often use beaded ropes in my projects.

Exactly one year later, in March 2009 I got a feeling that I’m ready to try bead embroidery and made my first necklace with an embroidered pendant. Very simple, just a few rows of seed beads around a cabochon; but I liked it! I tried one more (a little bit more advanced) and there I was – in love with the Queen of beading – Bead Embroidery. The most exciting and the most unpredictable! Every new project in this technique is a real journey; journey to a magic world – you know where you’re coming in, but you never know where you’ll end. Every finished piece is a surprise, a wonder.