Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our garden in Denmark

We are living in Qatar now. It has been almost three years already.
But our home is in Denmark.
There are many different interesting things here in Qatar, but there are also some things, that I miss very much. One of them is our garden. Or just a garden – the possibility to go out of the house into the greens and blossoms. I miss gardening too.
I miss trees, I miss flowers. There are many of them in Qatar, especially in compounds, around the houses. But it isn’t the same…

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  1. Привет Рулада!!
    Думаю мы знакомы давно, часто я вижу ваши работы на бисер инфо, по разным форумам тоже.. Рада подружиться..
    работы твои очень и очень красивые.. много много творческих находок..

  2. Здравствуйте, Кони.
    Да-да, я Вас тоже помню.
    Приятно встретить знакомые лица!