Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another soutache project

My latest work – a necklace in dark colors.
I’m still learning, still trying to find out what I like more.
One thing I can already see clearly – I prefer a minimalistic stile in soutache as well.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our garden in Denmark

We are living in Qatar now. It has been almost three years already.
But our home is in Denmark.
There are many different interesting things here in Qatar, but there are also some things, that I miss very much. One of them is our garden. Or just a garden – the possibility to go out of the house into the greens and blossoms. I miss gardening too.
I miss trees, I miss flowers. There are many of them in Qatar, especially in compounds, around the houses. But it isn’t the same…

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Friday, August 21, 2009

My Doilies

And now - my Doilies. I love to crochet them and already have a quite big collection of doilies.

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Bead Dreams 2009

Now they are available, now we can see them.

72 works from the annual Bead&Button competition.


And finally my newest beading project – a pendant with soutache.

It's also my first work in this technic.

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Fresh and mysterious

A fluorite set: a necklace and a bracelet.
The basic of them is a cubic rope, which I’ve decorated with fluorite chips.
In the middle of the necklace I’ve placed an amethyst cabochon. Its color is very close to the color of fluorite.
All together they remind me about wild violets.

A beaded bead

I thought they will look good together: turquoise and old gold.
I was right, wasn’t I?
My first beaded bead, which I really like.

My own dragonfly

It’s blue-green, if you look directly on it; and it’s purple, if you look on it from its side.

It’s so beautiful – this Czech glass button.
I used the same colors of beads and seed beads, and I love the result!

Grey and White

I didn’t know those colors can give so beautiful effect, before I’ve made this pendant.
Here I’ve also used embroidery, and I liked to do it very much. The stone is unknown, just some grey and white stone.

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Crazy Agate

This cabochon is so beautiful! I love it! And I love this necklace, especially its color!


This cabochon is the very first, where I’ve used embroidery. The stone is Moss Agate Cabochon, the beads – czech seed beads.
It’s very green and a little bit dark, but I think it looks nice and classy.

Just two of them

In June (just before our summer vacation) I’ve made several of beaded spirals, which are quite similar to each other. Some of them became presents to my family.
They come in different colors and with different gemstones. Here are two of them, that I like most. The stones are Yellow Green Agate and Kambaba.

In 2009…

It wasn’t easy to decide which of my projects I want to show here. There are many of them that I like… May be I’ll begin with a beaded spiral (again). I’ve made it in January, right after the New Year. It reminds me a cafe with milk, when I look on it.

The beauty of gemstones

The last project from my last year’s collection, that I want to show here, is a couple of simple necklaces. The pendants in the middle are Dragon Veins Agates. Aren’t they just amazing?

Here they come!

And then… Gemstones!
That is my very first cabochon that I’ve used in my project.
The stone is a blue Jadeite, it looks simple but classy.

Something else

Now it’s coming something different. A very special necklace, which was crocheted too, but instead for a beading thread I used a thin fishing-line.

Another present

This beaded spiral was also a present; a present for my friend.
I like the colors of its seed beads!

Last Christmas

Those two beaded ropes I made last December for the Holidays.

The first one I have presented to my neighbor with a small Christmas cart.

Spiral in pink

One more - a very girly, beaded spiral.

With a little cylindrical bead of Rhodochrosite in the middle of it.
I like it; I think it looks very glamorous!

Where do I begin?

I think it will be fair to place here my very first beaded project - a simple crocheted spiral.
I tried … and I have managed it! I’ve got it right! It looked … nice!
Here it comes.